The JES library is housed in a large hall of 17000 sq.ft. and is the centre of intellectual activities. It receives special attention and importance in the scheme of development of the institute. It has well over 35000+ books and subscribes to many important journals, national and international. The library remains open throughout the week. Students can issue books from the library under three different schemes. They are (a) Regular issue, (b) Book Bank issue and (c) Overnight issue. There is a reference section for faculty members and students for internal reading only. The total collection in the reference section is over 5000+ books. The library provides non-book materials like CDs, DVDs and e-journals. It has a sitting cubicle capacity with computers of 20 at a time.

Nos of Books           : 39522
Nos of journals      : 05
Nos of Magazines :05
Nos of Newspaper: 02


Sl. No. Name Designation Email ID Contact Number
1. Pradeep kumar Kindo Librarian    9439431843
2. Jatin Karali Attendant